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I was not wary other people were taking a look at me up until my coz, Harvey, mentioned I looked great. I was certainly clueless thus he aimed at the camera sunglasses I was donning. I had this on not for appearances however to capture my partner, Sammy Travis, in his meet-up along with a suspected blackmailer. It was kismet I had scanned the Web and stumble upon body-worn video cameras. I definitely wished to show Sammy I understood why he appeared terrible and behaved oddly the last couple of weeks. I got suspicions, yet no evidence. A spy cam would supply me that. Safeguarding our small business, even when that was inside a car port, was definitely important. We had monitoring cams attached inside and also outside the premises. These are motion-activated thus recording commences simply the instant each detects activity inside the protected spot. They would let my partner and also me to record any person carrying out some hanky-panky the moment nobody was looking, even in the dark, due to infrared technology which permits the video cameras to see clearly with minimal to no light. I would eavesdrop several of his phone calls, made as far away from me as possible, and ended up being suspicious. Our surveillance video cameras, despite their audio capability, shed no light on his trouble, unfortunately. I must confess these sunglasses with a built-in camera are light in weight and also relaxing to put on. If I were not extremely focused on my goal, then I would possibly have been grooming to show off. The framework is sweat-and-rain-resistant, which I required. This little nanny camera records high-quality color video as well as clear sound, that are kept within a complimentary 16GB SD card. This records at the stroke of a button, and the electric battery go on for 2 hours. The lenses are polarized as well as screen 100 % of all UVA, UVC and damaging blue light. Later, right after our mission, I checked out the video footage captured by the high end hidden camera googles by linking the unit to the television display making use of the RCA cable. There was my evidence to confront Sammy with.